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Word Of Mouth...

Word of mouth accounts for over 90% of our clients looking to hire Canton, Stark County, or Northeast Ohio attorneys after car, truck, or motorcycle accidents or medical malpractice. Why is this important? We do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with endless TV and radio ads, and we don't "chase" Ohio auto accident victims with direct mail solicitations and slick DVD's.

In a sea of cookie cutter, "shouting louder" legal advertisers, we've managed to thrive.

It's because our approach is different. If you spend some time on our website, you'll notice that it is different than most Ohio personal injury attorney websites. Instead of self-laudatory, "bragging" type websites, you'll find valuable information after an accident or mishap that may answer some of your questions.

We offer free books, articles, reports, and blog posts we've written on Ohio car, motorcycle, and trucking accident claims, as well as valuable information on Stark County and Canton Ohio medical malpractice issues and lawsuits. These publications are the product of our experience.

We hope this shared information will help you in deciding whether you need a personal injury firm in Canton or Stark County, Ohio to represent you, and how to choose a firm that you can feel comfortable with and trust. Hopefully that choice will be us.

We've even included books and publications on how to properly buy car insurance that will fully protect you in an Ohio car collision, and patient safety information designed to make your next medical encounter a safer one.

We're willing to bet that that educating people in need of legal services is superior to a maze of tasteless TV and phone book ads, and offensive lawyer "solicitation letters."

Providing you with information to help protect you from harm, before you ever need a lawyer? Now there's a novel idea...

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  • Learn how and why insurance companies spy on Ohio personal injury victims

    Insurance Company Surveillance Tactics

    Learn how and why insurance companies spy on Ohio personal injury victims after auto, truck, and motorcycle collisions.

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  • Errors During Surgery

    Ohio Medical Malpractice - Errors During Surgery

    Surgical mistakes are one of the most common causes of Ohio medical malpractice claims and lawsuits. When something is mistakenly cut, nicked, or severed during surgery, the complications can be devastating.

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  • Should A Lawsuit Be Filed?

    Contract Disputes - Should A Lawsuit Be Filed?

    Richard Nicodemo discusses some of the factors that small businesses need to consider when a party to a contract is not living up to it's share of the bargain.

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  • Forms You Should Not Sign After An Auto Accident

    Forms You Should Not Sign After An Auto Accident, Truck And Motorcycle Collision

    Within a few days after an auto accident, you can expect a call from the at fault party's insurance company. Should you speak to the adjuster? Give them a "recorded statement?" Here's what you're giving up when you're asked to sign some "simple forms."

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning - Not Just for The Rich

    Estate planning issues involve more than just protecting masses of wealth, and why you should plan for simple things like who will inherit your property and take care of your children.

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  • Various legal entities a small business

    What Type Of Small Business Legal Entity Should You Form?

    Attorney Richard Nicodemo discusses the various legal entities a small business can form, and the one big issue you need to consider before you choose any one of them.

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  • Most important part of your auto insurance coverage

    What Is Considered Good Insurance Coverage To Protect You In An Ohio Accident

    Learn the most important part of your auto insurance coverage, why most Ohioans don’t have enough of it despite being sold a “full coverage” policy, and how easily (and cheaply) you can protect your family from bankruptcy before you get in an accident.

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  • Assets That Are Not Included In An Ohio Estate

    Assets That Are Not Included In An Ohio Estate And Why A Simple Will Won't Cover Them

    Richard Nicodemo reveals why a will leaving everything "equally" may not mean that certain assets will pass equally, and why you need to know the difference between estate and non-estate assets.

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  • Nicodemo And Wilson Attorneys Argue Case In Ohio Supreme Court

    Watch Nicodemo And Wilson Attorneys Argue Case In Ohio Supreme Court

    Canton Ohio Attorney Brian R. Wilson argues a case in The Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of schoolchildren molested by a volunteer working at an elementary school.

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Featured Articles

The articles below are from the Nicodemo & Wilson Bull's-Eye Blog.

Don't Just Stand There--Take A Picture!

Originally published: April 16, 2014 | 10:17 pm


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Client's Hard Work And Honesty Brings Good Jury Verdict

Originally published: March 26, 2014 | 9:12 pm

Last week I tried a personal injury/auto accident case to a Stark County jury. There's an important lesson from that trial that anyone injured in an accident case should know.Long story short, my client was broadsided in a bad crash. She ...

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My State Passed Damage "Caps"--How Do They Apply To My Injury Claim?

Originally published: March 10, 2014 | 4:00 pm

I got this question from an audience member at a recent speaking engagement. It was a good question, simply because most people don't realize that Ohio, like 32 other states, passed limits or "caps" on what Ohioans can recover in a wide variety of in...

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Originally published: March 2, 2014 | 5:03 pm

It doesn't happen frequently, but occasionally the negligent driver who injured you in a crash dies before your claim is settled. This is a recurring scenario with elderly drivers.When this happens, the insurance company for the driver is...


Free Books And Reports About Ohio Personal Injury Claims

What Clients Tell Us

"Brian, you were awesome. I can't imagine changing anything! You were most informative, explained so that I could understand, helpful in more ways than I could have imagined. I only wish I had come to you first! I have already shared your name and will continue to do so. Your firm is top notch--very professional and yet caring--not everyone has that area of expertise..."

"Rick, everything was handled excellent and explained to me in great detail--great service!"

"I had no idea what to expect with my claim. And I was treated with respect. Never felt as if I asked anything stupid. I feel as if I made a new friend."

"...We are so pleased with the way you’ve handled our case!"

"We are very happy with the services received by Atty Wilson and staff. We don't feel he could have done more to get us a better deal on our settlement. Everyone is very personable and thorough in all matters. We think we were advised correctly and all was done with the best of our benefits in mind..."

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What Exactly IS All This Talk About "Tort Reform?"


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